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Our Company

Promer Adhesives and Polymers is one of the most well-known and trusted companies in Turkey’s Chemical Industry.
Promer, was established in 2006 with the aim to deliver excellent quality products to our valued customers and to continue to research, develop and add to our product lines. Over the years, Promer has reached a commendable position.
Our product lines consist of binders that are used in paints, , textiles, carpet-back coating, non woven and laminations and specialty adhesives for print laminations, wood industry, paper and packaging industries.. Promer believes in reaching out to customers’ unmet business needs., we also specialize in creating tailor-made products for our clients.

Our Vision

Is to exist as an innovative and leader company in its sector, which produces quality and reliable products for the international market with its existing service understanding. And, within the frame of this understanding, to take place among innovative companies, which produces this product in the international market.

Our Mission 

Is to provide the customers with quality product understanding in a very short time and with the most available conditions, thus to meet the expectations of the customers, and to be a pioneer, innovative trademark in its sector by using the source in the most appropriate way.

Our values
Respect to our customers and employees,
Team Spirit.

Quality Policy 

We will provide the customer satisfaction at the highest level by truly understanding the expectations and requirements of the customers and by meeting the expected requirements in the most economic way and the appropriate time in all our processes from taking the order to delivering the product;

We will follow the innovations and developments in the sector with this consciousness and always spend effort for continuous development altogether to improve the quality level of our services and products.